Stamped Concrete

This gallery showcases the wide range of stamped concrete projects we have completed including patios, pool decking, interior and exterior floors as well as some of the possible colours and patterns.

What is Decorative Stamped Concrete?

Decorative stamped concrete begins with a poured concrete walkway, patio or pool deck.
A coloured release agent is broadcast over the entire wet surface of the concrete.
While the concrete is still wet, a rubberized mat, moulded with the pattern of your choice, is tamped into the surface of the poured concrete.
Once the concrete has dried, the release agent that has not been embedded and dried into the concrete will be rinsed off.
The resulting surface has a moulded pattern with texture and depth enhanced by the contrasting colours of the base concrete and the release agent.

Our Process

We will work with you to design and plan your stamped concrete project including mould selection, concrete and release agent colours.
A typical project will take 4 days or more to complete once the design is complete, the aggregate base is in place and all materials are on site.
Here is an approximate schedule:

  • Day 1 – Build forms to create the pad and place steel reinforcing bar throughout
  • Day 2 – Pour & level concrete, broadcast release agent and stamp on pattern
  • Day 3 – Remove the forms, add controlled saw cuts and rinse off excess release agent
  • Day 4 – Apply 2 coats of sealer to completely dry concrete

Minimizing Cracking

Cracking is a possibility for any Canadian concrete project due to shrinkage and the natural freeze / thaw cycle.
Here are some practical steps we will take to minimize cracking:

  • Provide recommendations on a proper aggregate base that will correctly support your project to reduce cracking
  • Add fibre mesh into the concrete while still in the concrete mixer to make it more crack resistent
  • Create controlled saw cuts in the surface so if a crack does occur it may follow our cuts
  • Place steel reinforcing bar into the concrete to reduce shifting and minimize the size of a crack, should it occur

Stamped Concrete Options

Coloured Concrete – You have a wide range of concrete colour pigments to choose from to truly customize your project. Your selected colour pigment is added to the concrete during mixing. If coloured concrete cracks or is damaged, the newly exposed concrete will be similar to the top surface colour so the resulting damage is less apparent.
Coloured Release Agent – Release agents are also available in many colours. The release agent contrasts with the underlying concrete colour to enhance the stamped pattern. It is possible to use multiple colours of release agents over coloured or natural concrete to create a unique project.
Stamped Patterns – We own or can obtain moulds to create many patterns. Show us your design ideas and pictures of the look you desire and we will work with you to make it happen.

Maintaining Your Stamped Concrete Project

Maintenance and Sealing – To maintain the embedded colours and protect the surface, stamped concrete should be resealed at least every two years.
Regular resealing ensures that the coloured release agent remains intact and protects the concrete from staining.
Prior to sealing, your surfaces must be free of dirt, debris and be very dry. If you wish to wash the pad before resealing, please wait at least 48 hours to let the moisture escape from the concrete.
When pressure washing, maintain a distance of at least 16 inches from your pad surface.
Apply sealer early in the day to cool concrete with a 10 mm paint roller. Two thin coats are better than one thick coat. Newly sealed concrete can be slippery.
Concrete surfaces are durable; however, can be damaged by salt or de-icer.
Forceful removal of ice may remove sealant and surface colour.

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